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This can be beneficial to any dog if you are going out for the day.

Puppy Visits

A bored puppy can result in a naughty puppy, they do not like to be left for too long, they require feeding more frequently and they need to go to the toilet more frequently. Their early months are when they develop their social skills, which can affect them for the rest of their lives. By having visits during the day this will mean that they will get vital playtime, fuss and cuddles.

Elderly dog visits

Having lost a Labrador at 13 years of age, I know that in her later years she needed to go out in the garden more frequently, both to go to the toilet and to keep her from stiffening up with her arthritis. So by having a visit during the day they could have a potter around the garden if they are not up to going for a walk, they will get extra fuss and cuddles, and I can also administer any and medication that they may need.

Prices (prices may vary depending on location)

20 minute visit £7.50
30 minute visit £8.50
£2.50 per additional dog

I can do visits from 6:30am up until 8:00 pm

I will leave you a diary each day to let you know how the visit has gone, and if you wish you can Skype your pet during my visit.
Please remember I will try to tailor my service to your pets requirements.