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Rev. John and Mrs Sheila Pryor (owners of Daisy)
Heidi's care for animals is exemplary, the dog carer beyond compare, as we have trusted her for over 25 years to care for our dogs. We wish her well in her new venture.
Mr & Mrs S Hyde (owners of Happy, Poppy and soon Willow)
We have known Heidi for many years, and consider her a family friend. We presently own a cat, a rabbit, and have a puppy on the way, we are a busy family so rely on Heidi's Pet Care for the fantastic service she provides. 
Many years ago, we took Heidi's advise when it came to finding us our first family dog, she found the perfect match in our little Alfie, who settled into our family wonderfully, and over the years that we owned him we would turn to Heidi, with her knowledge and experience, when we did encounter any problem. Unfortunately Alfie became very ill and we lost him earlier this year, leaving a big hole in our family, we knew we could not be without a dog for long, so when we were ready, we contacted Heidi for her help again. She gave us invaluable advise as so what breed would suit our family, as we now have two small children, and how to find a reputable breeder. We are all very excited about the fact that Willow will be coming to join our family in a few weeks.
Heidi is an incredibly professional individual, with a huge amount of passion, knowledge and experience of animals. Her commitment to their health, happiness and quality of life is really impressive, she understands how important they are to us and how much we love them, which is why she provides such a fantastic personal service.
Thank you Heidi.